Freestanding Elevated WFR Monitor

Freestanding Elevated WFR Monitor


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    WFR Free Standing Elevated Monitor

    Elevated monitors are ideally suited for problem applications that are difficult to reach from ground level with fixed or portable equipment. Typical installations include dock protection and high hazard petrochemical areas. Elevating the monitor serves high-hazard areas that may otherwise be obstructed, putting the monitor at the appropriate height to reach the target.

    Freestanding monitors range from 10 to 42 feet (3 to 13m) depending upon the flow/distance requirement and water/pressure available for the application. Freestanding monitors have an “inner” waterway with an outer drive tube for horizontal movement at the base, along with vertical motion handle control with stainless steel cable attached to the monitor for vertical option.

    • Waterways available in 2.5" (64mm), 3" (76cm) and 4" (102cm), depending on flow rate
    • 360° horizontal motion ± 45° vertical motion with position locks in each plane
    • Red epoxy coat monitor finish
    • Galvanized steel drive tube
    • Stainless steel elevation cables
    • Elevation and rotation locks
    • Vertical motion control handle
    • WFR straight tips
    • Flow straighteners to maximize reach
    • Above ground intake base assembly and inlet butterfly valve
    • Manual hydraulic pump (for fog nozzle actuation)
    • Pump to nozzle installation kit/remote swivels grease kit
    • Manual drain for freeze protection
    • Heat shield

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    Specifications for Freestanding Elevated WFR Monitor

    Product Size 15' (4.6m) Elevated Monitor or 20' (6.1m) Elevated Monitor or 25' (7.6m) Elevated Monitor or 30' (9m) Elevated Monitor or 35' (10.6m) Elevated Monitor or 42' (12.8m) Elevated Monitor