Frontier LDH Supply Hose

Frontier LDH Supply Hose

Frontier LDH Supply Hose

Option Part# 421810105

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    Frontier Supply Hose is a through the weave, synthetic, nitrile rubber hose which has excellent resistance to fuels, chemicals, oils, heat and environmental pollutants. It is impervious to molds, mildew and other airborne organisms. Frontier Supply Hose is specifically designed to be maintenance free so it can just be wiped down and returned to service. Hose is available in red and yellow. Comes standard with locking Storz couplings installed.


    • “LDH” supply hose

    • Supplying stand pipe systems

    • Supply stand alone portable hydrants

    • Pumper to pumper relay

    Hose Size(Diameter)Service PressurePressureTestBurst PressureWeight 100'Uncoupled100' CoilDiameter
    4"(100mm)250 psi500 psi750 psi75lbs. (34kg)24" (61cm)
    5"(125mm)200 psi400 psi600 psi97lbs. (44kg)26.5" (67cm)

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    Specifications for Frontier LDH Supply Hose

    Hose Length 100mm (4") x 25ft Red or 100mm (4") x 25ft Yellow or 100mm (4") x 50ft Red or 100mm (4") x 50ft Yellow or 100mm (4") x 100ft Red or 100mm (4") x 100ft Yellow or 125mm (5") x 25ft Yellow or 125mm (5") x 50ft Yellow or 125mm (5") x 100ft Yellow