Future-Line 44mm (1.75") Fire Hose

Future-Line 44mm (1.75") Fire Hose

Future-Line 44mm (1.75") Fire Hose


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    The Ultimate in a rapid cleanup, package, lightweight hose

    This is a double jacket hose that was specially designed with a polyurethane covered outer jacket for chemical and petroleum products environment. Lightweight, compact, flexible and maintenance free.

    This has proven to be a very popular hose for trash lines, Public works, parks, rinks, swimming pools potable water transfer and industrial applications where chemical protection and ease of maintenance is important.

    Remains flexible to -55°C (-65°F)

    Comes in high visibility colours, red and blue

    Meets or exceeds NFPA 1961, current edition.

    Hose Size (Diameter)Service PressureProof PressureBurst PressureCoil Diameter/50'Weight/50' Uncoupled
    1.75"  (44mm)400 psi800 psi1,200 psi14.5" (36.8cm)14 lbs. (6.4 kg)

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Future-Line 44mm (1.75") Fire Hose

    Hose Length 50ft or 75ft
    Hose Colour Red
    Hose Thread NPSH
    Hose Coupling Options Aluminum coupling or Aluminum Threaded w/ Wayout reflective coupling or Gold Anodized Threaded w/ Wayout reflective coupling
    Product Benefits Future-Line is the ultimate in a rapid cleanup, packable, lightweight hose