Future-Line Fire Hose

Future-Line Fire Hose

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    The ultimate in a rapid cleanup, portable. light weight hose.


    • Pre-connected front bumper attack hose

    • Pre-connected cross-lay attack hose

    • Chemical and petroleum product environments

    • Public works, parks (hockey rinks, swimming pools, etc)

    • De-contamination and wash down hose

    • Potable water transfer hose (stenciled)

    • Marine fire hose and RV potable water (when specified potable water)

    Features and Benefits:

    • Polyurethane covered outer jacket greatly reduces clean-up time and effort

    • Excellent packability and extremely light in weight

    • Unique Mertex® lining

    • Premium all synthetic double jacket

    • Resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone and U.V. exposure, hydrolysis, and rot and mildew

    • Available in red and blue 

    • Remains flexible to -65º F (-55º C)

    • Meets or exceeds all performance requirements of NFPA 1961, Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual

    Additional options upon request:

    • Available in other sizes, lengths and threads including storz

    • Available in other colors: Blue for 38mm (1.5") and Red for 44mm (1.75") and 65mm (2.5")

    • Available option for Wayout couplings

    • Available option for identify recessed area

    • Other stenciling requests

    Hose Size (Diameter)

    Service Pressure

    Proof Pressure

    Burst Pressure

    Coil Diameter/50' 

    Weight/50' Uncoupled

    1.5"  (38mm)

    400 psi800 psi

    1,200 psi

    14" (35.6cm)

    10.5 lbs. (4.8 kg)

    1.75"  (44mm)
    400 psi

    800 psi1,200 psi14.5" (36.8cm) 

      14 lbs. (6.4 kg)  

    2.5"  (65mm)

    400 psi

    800 psi

    1,200 psi17" (43.2cm)24.4 lbs (11.1 kg)

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Future-Line Fire Hose

    Length 38mm (1.5") NPSH x 50ft Red or 44mm (1.75") NPSH x 50ft Red or 65mm (2.5") BAT x 50ft Red or 65mm (2.5") WCT x 50ft Red
    Standard Coupling Aluminum Threaded
    Manufacturer Mercedes Textile