Hydratak 600 Rubber Fire Hose

Hydratak 600 Rubber Fire Hose


    Standard in 50ft NPSH Red

    Product not available


    Interior attack hose

    Decontamination and wash down hose

    Marine fire hose Industrial applications hose


    Features and Benefits 

    • Maintenance free; just wiped down and return to service

    • Constructed from specially formulated synthetic nitrile rubber to produce excellent abrasion resistance Highly resistant to fuels, chemicals, oils, heat & environmental pollutants. Impervious to molds, mildew & other airborne organisms

    • Hydratak™ carries a 2-10-L warranty (“2 year All Hazards”,  “10 year against manufacturing defects” and “Lifetime against delamination” 

    • Hose shall be flexible down to -35˚ F (-36˚ C) and be resistant to environmental pollutants

    Addition Options     

    • Optional Mertex Wayout® couplings 

      • Carries a Five (5) Year Warranty With Mertex Wayout® technology couplings

    • Available with the Identify™ recessed area for color coding, bar coding and/or identification markings 

    • Also available in yellow upon request

    Hose Size (Diameter)

    Service Pressure

    Proof Pressure

    Burst Pressure

    Coil Dia./50'

    Wt/50' Uncpld.

    1.5" (38mm)

    300 psi

    600 psi

    900 psi

    16" (41cm)

    14.5 lbs. (6.6 kg)

    1.75" (44mm)

    300 psi

    600 psi

    900 psi

    16.5" (42cm)

    17 lbs. (8 kg)

    2.5" (65mm)

    300 psi

    600 psi

    900 psi

    17.5" (44.5cm)

    24 lbs. (11 kg)

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Hydratak 600 Rubber Fire Hose

    Hose Length 38mm (1.5") NPSH x 50ft or 44mm (1.75") NPSH x 50ft or 65mm (2.5") BAT x 50ft or 65mm (2.5") BAT x 100ft or 77mm (3") BAT x 25ft or 77mm (3") BAT x 50ft or 77mm (3") WCT x 50ft or 77mm (3") BAT x 75ft
    Hose Colour Red or Yellow
    Manufacturer Mercedes Textile