Scotty Plastic 3-Way Valve

Scotty Plastic 3-Way Valve


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    Scotty Plastic 3-Way Valve

    Introducing the newly re-designed Scotty 3-Way Valve. The handle has been shortened to accommodate storz and other larger sized fittings. Pins have been added to the top of the handle for the use of a spanner wrench to facilitate turning the valve if needed. Flow can be directed by turning the handle to one outlet, both outlets, or shut-off completely. Manufactured from Ny-Glas, the valve is durable, light-weight and corrosion proof. Rated for safe working pressures of 300 psi (900 psi destruction tested). 

    *If you require all male threads, the female connector is removable*  

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    Specifications for Scotty Plastic 3-Way Valve

    Connection Type 38mm (1.5'') NPSH M x M x F or 38mm (1.5'') QC x QC x QC