Self Supporting / Floating Foam Collar Tank

Self Supporting / Floating Foam Collar Tank


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    Self-supporting tanks can be quickly filled by one person with a standard 2.5" (64mm) hose. They can also be utilized as a dump tank. The heavy duty foam collar will rise as the water level increases.

    • 1,000-6,000 gallons
    • Larger sizes available
    • Low side model is 33" tall when filled
    • Heavy Duty Foam Collar (self rising)
    • Heavy Duty 28 oz. Floor is standard
    • 2.5" (64mm) female flange is standard
    • 1.5" (38mm) - 6" (152mm) male or female flanges available
    • Camlock and storz adapters available from 2.5" (64mm) - 6"(152mm)
    • Ground covers and top covers available
    • Vinyl, NSF-61 approved (potable), chemical & fuel resistant
    • Storage bag included
    TankBase DiameterTop DiameterHeightWeight
    1000 gallon9'5" (290cm)6'11" (210cm)33" (80cm)54 lbs. (24.5kg)
    1500 gallon11'8" (360cm)8'8" (264cm)33" (80cm)67 lbs. (30.5kg)
    2000 gallon13' (400cm)10' (305cm)33" (80cm)75 lbs. (34kg)
    2500 gallon14'4" (440cm)11'2" (340cm)33" (80cm)84 lbs. (38kg)
    3000 gallon15'8" (480cm)12'3" (373cm)33" (80cm)99 lbs. (45kg)
    4000 gallon18' (550cm)14'2" (432cm)33" (80cm)114 lbs. (52kg)
    6000 gallon21'6" (660cm)17'8" (540cm)33" (80cm)143 lbs. (65kg)

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    Specifications for Self Supporting / Floating Foam Collar Tank

    Product Size 1000 US gal (Tank) or 1500 US gal (Tank) or 2500 US gal (Tank) or 3000 US gal (Tank) or 4000 US gal (Tank) or 2000 US gal (Tank) or 6000 US gal (Tank)
    Colour Yellow or Orange or Tan or Red or Black