TFT Extend-A-Gun Manual Monitor

TFT Extend-A-Gun Manual Monitor

TFT Extend-A-Gun Manual Monitor


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    TFT Extend-a-Gun

    The Extend-A-Gun provides new capabilities for your deck mounted master stream device. For storage, it can be lowered to deck level (or even into a monitor well). On the fire ground the monitor may be raised to its extended position of 12" (30cm) or 18"(46cm) by lifting the quick release and raising by hand until the non-rotating pipe locks into position. This gives greater clearance of other equipment on the apparatus, greater freedom of movement and allows a more comfortable operating position. The Extend-A-Gun offers full 360° monitor rotation operation in either the raised or lowered position, 3" (76mm) waterway, hardcoat anodized finish, and built-in sensor for connection to "monitor raised" light. Can be specified with new, or retrofitted to existing apparatus.

    The Extend-A-Gun is available for a variety of applications. The top (outlet) is available for directly mounting of the TFT Crossfire Monitor, or with 3"(76mm) male pipe threads for mounting other monitors. The bottom (inlet) is available with 3" male taper thread or 3"(76mm) grooved Victaulic for connection to the apparatus plumbing.

    Extend-a-Gun must be securely mounted. See mounting bracket kits here.

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    Specifications for TFT Extend-A-Gun Manual Monitor

    Product Type 12" Extend-a-Gun or 18" Extend-a-Gun
    Inlet Type male NPT inlet and outlet or Victaulic inlet, male NPT outlet or male NPT inlet, Crossfire outlet or Victaulic inlet, Crossfire outlet