TFT Extend-A-Gun RC Monitor

TFT Extend-A-Gun RC Monitor

TFT Extend-A-Gun RC Monitor


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    TFT Extend-a-Gun RC

    The Extend-A-Gun RC lets you lower you deck mounted Master Stream device to deck level for storage (or even into a well). On the fire ground, the monitor can be automatically raised to its extended position (12 or 18 extra inches (30.5 or 45.7 extra cm)) with a simple push of a button. This gives greater clearance of other equipment on the apparatus, greater freedom movement, and keeps firefighters off the top of the trucks, thus providing a safer operating position. The Extend-A-Gun RC3 offers a 3" (77mm) waterway, while the Extend-A Gun RC4 offers a 4" (100mm) waterway and both have hardcoat anodized aluminum finish. Built-in sensor for connection to "monitor raised" light or truck open compartment warning. 24 VDC operation requires 24-12 VDC converter. Connecting RC Extend-A-Gun motor control box to RC monitor communication link (blue & white wires) allows RC Extend-A-Gun operation from any monitor operator station equipped with up/down button or input. Can be specified or retrofitted to existing apparatus. Note: Extend-a-Gun RC is not compatible with other manufactures monitors.

    • 12" Extend-a-Gun RC3 weighs 26.6lbs. (12kg)

    • 18" Extend-a-Gun RC3 weighs 32lbs. (14.5kg)
    • 18" Extend-a-Gun RC4 weighs 47lbs. (21kg)

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    Specifications for TFT Extend-A-Gun RC Monitor

    Product Type 12" Extend-a-Gun or 18" Extend-a-Gun
    Inlet Type 4" NPT inlet or 3" NPT inlet or 3" BSP inlet or 4" BSP inlet or 3" Victaulic inlet or 4" Victaulic inlet