TFT Twister Forestry Selectable Nozzle

TFT Twister Forestry Selectable Nozzle


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    The 1" (25mm) Twister is a selectable, dual gallonage, combination pattern nozzle, available in 0.75" (19mm) or 1" (25mm) threads and is designed for simplicity and durability. The rubber bumper provides a positive grip and protects the front end. Twisting the shaper from the "off" position produces the following settings: low flow straight stream, low flow narrow fog, high flow straight stream, then high flow fog. The Twister, with its optional coloured pistol grip and handle covers, is a rugged, economical nozzle that will accept the FJ-MX-D FoamJet multi-expansion foam aspirating attachment.

    Available in two sets of flow settings: 10 and 24 gpm @ 100 psi (37 & 90 l/min @ 7 bar), and 10 and 40 gpm @ 100psi (37 & 150 l/min @ 7 bar).

    • Made of all lightweight materials, hardcoat anodized aluminum
    • Tip only configuration has a twist "off" position for break-and-extend operations
    • Quick change rear valve seat and stainless steel shut-off ball
    • Pistol grip is mounted below the valve
    • Tip only configuration weighs 0.6lbs. (0.3kg) and is 4" (10cm) long
    • Ball valve shut-off configuration weighs 1.5lbs. (0.7kg) and is 6.25" (16cm) long
    • Ball valve shut-off & pistol grip configuration weighs 1.9lbs. (0.9kg) and is 6.25" (16cm) long

    Our most popular configuration is with shut off valve and pistol grip NPSH thread used in forestry operations.

    We also have other confirmations of this product under 38mm (1.5") for higher flows. 

    Available options upon request:

    • NH thread

    • Tip only, no pistol grip, twist shut off

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for TFT Twister Forestry Selectable Nozzle

    Nozzle Style With Pistol Grip & Shut Off or No Pistol Grip w/ Shut Off
    Flow & Pressure 10/24 gpm @ 100 psi or 10/40 gpm @ 100 psi